Lace Globes

This tutorial uses PhotoImpact6, Psp,
Blade Pro, Eyecandy 4000 and a ding (font)
Please read the tutorial before beginning.

Open PhotoImpact
(I'm not proficient in PI. I just use it for a few effects.)

File New/ These are the settings I used.

Click on the T icon for Text.

Here is the Dividers Font.
This is the ding I used.  
It's Shift-I --  white color fill

You should have something like this.
You can click and drag it where you want it on the screen.

CTRL F1 to open the Effects Gallery

I picked Bend 2 under the Wrap Gallery

Click on Copy.

Open PSP.  Click on Paste.
This is what you get.

Click on the magic wand. Then click ON the white area.


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