Let's Make 

I hope you are going to like this!

If you just want to get to the fun part,
making the gems, click here!

This tutorial assumes you have basic
knowledge of PSP, layers, and merging.

Download the glass here.
This is the same glass that you use
in the Stained Glass patterns.

Open an Image.
These are the setting I use.
I make the gem stones large
so I can resize them smaller.

Use the selection tool and
out line a rectangle.
At ALL times the
'marching ants', as shown,
needs to be active.

In case you follow instructions
to the letter like my Dear Friend Patti :)
I have my transparent grid set to LARGE.
As shown

Add 3 new layers.
the insert shows the Palette icon.

With layer 1 active (blue)

Use these settings

Click on layer 2.
Repeat the above with
these settings.

X layers 3 and 4 to 'hide' them
on the layer palette.
click on layer 1
Layers, Merge, Merge Visible

Click on layer 3 to 'unhide' it.
zoom in.
Use the spray can to add a little
white blob to a corner.

Use the retouch, soften
to blur the white blob.

Click on layer 4,
drag to the bottom
as shown.

Open a glass image.
Click on the OPTIONS tool
the tool palette pops up.
click on pattern, click the second tab,
drop down the box to find the glass image name.

Page 2

5 easy steps!

Don't want to mess
with making the template?
Click here.
It's a zip file of the
templates in .PSP format.
Just add the pattern or color
And the Gem is ready!

download the templates,
  glass1---- glass2
 and unzip.
open PSP and the templates.
open the glass images

click on the bucket fill tool
pick a glass pattern.

click on the fill layer.
Merge and save.

Told you it was easy!

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