Sunny side up!

I seem to have to do things
a bit different than the rest. :)

I was asked to an Egg tutorial but I just
couldn't do the same kind. 

I haven't seen these anywhere so,
I hope you like them as much as I do!

Download the PSP file here.
Let me know what you think of them Please.

Download, unzip and open the Egg.
You will see there are two layers.
The bottom layer is white.
The top is the globe.
BTW I made this using the deformation tool
and my globes you can find in this tutorial.)

Add a layer between 2 and 3

Selections, Invert so the
marquee is around only the egg.
If at any time you loss the marquee,
Click on layer 3, click the magic wand
on the outside area of the egg.)

Flood fill with a color.
Click on layer three ( the globe)
Add a layer.
This layer should be the top layer.
Add a butterfly tube.
Here is mine.

Here I add a texture.
You can add a pattern too,
like the green egg.
Using the Texturizer.

Add your own base.
And a drop shadow.
Save it as a gif or stationery.


Egg 2.

Now use backgrounds.

I use the browse feature
to look for my graphics.
When you see one you want,
Left click/hold and drag it to the worktop.

Click on the background to make it active.
Left click/hold and drag layer
one from the layer palette to the egg.

Close the original background.
Move the background into place.
If the marquee is not as shown,
selection, invert so it is.
Cut the excess background away.

Move the slider bar till
the background is just a little lighter.

 Add a base, save it or make it into stationery.
Here are some of mine.
I hope you enjoy this tutorial.








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