Making a Snow-Globe
Start to finish

Here are the globes.

zip1     zip2    Globes3

Unzip the globes. 
Install the Globe tube by 
double clicking it to open.

Go to FILE- EXPORT- Picture Tube

Give it a name.
No other changes need be made.

Click on the tube brush. Look for the globe.
This is PSP6 - in 5 You just look for the name.

Open a picture you want to use.
Click on the layer palette. Duplicate.

Delete the first layer

Add a new layer. Click ok.
Then it looks like this.

Click to add the snow-globe to the picture. 
It's too small.
Click on the deformation tool. (circled)
 to enlarge the globe.

Size it the way you want. 
Make it oval if you wish.
Then apply.

Use the wand to highlight the edges.


Then Modify- Contract

2 Pixels


Click on the layer palette.
you click the background layer now.

Hold the CTRL button down and hit X.
this cuts away the unwanted part of the picture.
Now merge visible layers.

This is how it looks after adding a background, 
drop shadow and a few more tubes.

Easy HUH?