Swag Curtains
Requested Tutorial

How Do I Make This I Just Came A Cross Your Site Love IT

Here are the tubes for the swag and the curtain background.
They are in transparent form. You simply add a color to the layer marked
color here- merge visible the layers and you are all set!

Pick out a color you like and fill the bottom layer with it.

Same for the background layer.
Now merge visible the layers and selections/select none for the swag.

Like this

Open the size image you want.
This would be for a web page or a dgital layout.
The tubes are not sized for printable layouts.

You need to select the background curtain for the pattern fill.

Drop down the arrow box and pick the pattern.

Like this

Fill the image.
To add the swag correctly we need to size it.
The size of the swag tube is 100 high by 200 wide.
We want the swag to go all the way across the page and our page is 1024 pixels.
So the wide number is 1024 by the height of the swag, 100

Select the swag pattern and fill the long image.

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