Reusable Lines

Download this script and save to your PSP folder in the scripts-trusted folder
This is the script with the eyecandy 4000 bevel. If you have this plugin download and save this script.

Run the script.

It will auto open a digital sized image. just click OK

click OK

Click OK

Click OK

Click OK

Click OK

If you don't have Eyecandy it will skip this part. Click OK

And you will have a shadowed line finished for you.
Save is as a psp file.

Now to finish it out, click on the selection tool - rounded rectangle

Start at the corner of the line and draw it out to surround the line.

Like this

Click on Selections/Modify/Contract 1pixel

It should end up something like this.
Add a layer and drag it under the line layer.

Now fill with a color you like

If you see the color is still outside the line a little....

click on the deformation tool and resize the color line to fit.

Merge the two layers and save as a psp file to use over and over.