How to Correctly save a
Transparent GIF


You should know the color of the background you want to use
the transparent gif on. Use the eyedropper to pick that color.
Here a blue. Then double click on the color on the color palette.
You will then get the HEX color number. copy it or write it down.
You will need it in a minute to correctly save the gif.


Open your transparent image.
File- Export-GIF

Click so the existing transparency is checked.
You will see the transparency in the second window.

Click on the partial Transparency tab.
You will have to pick a color that is as close to the background color
as you can get. This is so you don't get that black border around your gif.
Click ON the color box to get this.
Paste or type in the number of the background color

Click ok - name and Save it

You can use the wizard.
Just click on the button at the bottom of the export page.
Existing - Next

Click on the color pad to get the backgound color as above. Next

Better quality is best. Next

Click NO. Next

Preview it. and name and save it!

Now you know how to correctly save a gif.
It seems a bit hard at first but it's a snap after you do it a cople of times.