How to Remove Text from a Logo

Rich asked me how he could remove text from a logo
and save the graphic with a transparent background.

The image that was sent to me is a gif. 256 colors. It needs to be
16 mil colors. Click on Image/Increase Color Depth/16 bits.
Notice the color palette changes.

Let's remove the red logo.
Set the color palette to the background color. Here, white.

Click on the paint brush. Zoom in on the image.
I have a wheel in the center of my mouse, just roll it a couple of times if you have one like mine.
Otherwise click on the plus sign on the Number Pad.

Now paint over the area that is the easiest.


Like this. Most of this text is gone.

Only a little of the red remains.
Resize your paint brush and zoom in more.
Carefully - 1 pixel at a time if needed, paint over the red.



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