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In this Tutorial 

This tutorial assumes you know the basic 
tools in paint shop pro.

start with a graphic you like.
This butterfly is from Lori's Tubes.

I have attached it here if 
you would like to use it.

Save it as you would any tube.

Open a new image
(I like lots of room to work)
I have changed things a bit.
the graphics may show  more objects
than you really need. 
but the instructions are correct.

Click on the tube tool.
Pick the tube you want.
Click in the middle 
of the 800x800 image.
now you see your tube picture.
I had you open a large image because
all tube sizes are not the same.
to get it to a workable image,
Click- Hold and drag the layer 
from the layer palette,
to a clear area of the screen.
This makes a new selection
 without wasted space.

close the 800x800 image
as  it's not needed now.

Click Edit-Copy. then
Paste as new Image. 
Open the Layer Palette, 
Add New Layer, 
Delete layer one. 
This gives a blank window 

Fill the blank window with white. 
The white window is active (blue banner)
Click on Masks- New-From Image

Click on the name of the tube you used 
'Image20' here... 
yours should be image2
you can read the name to make sure.

Now you can see the butterfly in white.

Now click on Selections, From Mask.

It will have the 'marching ants' around it.
Now Masks-- Delete--
Click Yes

The 'marching Ants' 
still need to be active!
You can close the  'image20' 
 window now.

Now the FUN STUFF!
Click on Image-Plug ins - Eye Candy -

Change the distance (pixels)
to get the effect you want.

Here are the settings I used.
To add color
Just click on the FILL COLOR tab.

Click on the check mark to accept.
You can save it as a tube now.
and apply a shadow as needed.

Now a shadow.
Image- Eye candy-Perspective Shadow

Here are the setting I used.

Click the check mark to apply.

You will see your new creation!
Hold CTRL, hit C  (to Copy it)
Click on New Image size 1024 by 400.
Hold CTRL press L
To paste as a new image.

add a new layer.
color to the background.
 And a texture makes it look good too.

Crop it

There you go!
The background was made with
the white background.
No Color selected in EyeCandy.

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