Masks and PSP10

Open the photo you want to mask, here Jason fishing.
A background and the mask you want to use.
Here is the mask I show in this tutorial.
It's in psp format. With PSP10 you can use most any image
as a mask. It doesn't have to be a png.

The image you want to mask must have a transparent background,
to get it, right click on the layer palette like shown below.

If the PROMOTE TO BACKGROUND is active (dark in color)
click on it and it will now have a transparent background.

Notice the layer palette, when the image does NOT have a transparent background
The noted icon is solid, When it DOES have a transparent background Notice the other icon.

Right click on the layer palette again and click on
From the slide-out choose FROM IMAGE

Choose the name of your mask, here Image 7
If you are using the ones I provided, they will be Image1

And there you go!

You can position the photo where you want it in the mask by clicking on the pointer tool

Then click on the photo layer on the layer palette as shown.

Now position the photo in the mask as you like

Click on the TOP layer, the combined mask,
Right click, Merge, Merge Group

You will have one layer now

Now add it to a background image if you like.
 Now click on copy, as shown.

click on the backgound image, then click on the 'paste as a new layer' icon, as shown.

There you go!

Add shadows, elements and text.
(yes, I used another background...  :)

Using mask is easy in PSP10!
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial