Make a Shamrock!

This tutorial uses Blade Pro and Eyecandy 4000.

Download this zip file with the heart shape in psp format,
the chain and the gold preset. Open the heart in psp.
 Save the chain in tube format and the preset to your blade pro folder.

Fill the shape with a solid green color you like.
Use the Bevel Boss to give the shape a nice bevel.

This is the setting I used.


Selections/ Modify/Expand

3 pixels

Add a layer to the layer palette. 
Click, hold the mouse button down on layer2,
Drag the layer below layer1. Release.
As shown.

With layer2 active (Blue)
flood fill the selection with white.

Open Blade Pro.

Pick the Shiny Gold Preset included in the zip file.
Set the radius to the same amount of pixels you expanded (3).

If you don't have the shiny preset picked when you call up the Blade Pro,
Here is how to pick it.

Click on the open preset icon

The Open setting window will pop up.
Click on the up arrow till you see the drive/program folder/
I have my plugin's in a separate folder out of PSP.
Direct the up arrow till you can click on the Blade Pro folder

Environments and Textures

Then click on the gold_shiny preset.

Click OK.
This gives a nice gold base effect.


Merge Visible layers 
(Never Flatten)
Selections/Select None

Right click/ Duplicate layer

Shift-R to rotate the layer

Position in place.

Right Click/ Duplicate/ Image/ Mirror

Position in place.
Now you have a three sided clover.

Add a layer for the stem.

Draw a white rectangle filled with white. 
Select it and blade pro with gold.

Selections/modify/contract/3 pixels
Flood fill with green and use the Eyecandy to bevel the stem.

Add a chain with the tube included in the zip file.
then a nice shadow.

Here are some I did.


A lucky 4 leaf clover for you!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
Please take a look around my site.