Borders to Frames

In this tutorial I will show you how to take a border and turn it into
a wonderful frame! Then we will matte it.

First open a border. I get most of my images from
PC Crafter. It's the best place to get graphics.
You can also use any background, color or fill pattern.
just set your size and fill. This image happens to be a tube
I saved from the net. Here it is if you want to use it. It's a seamless tile tube.

You want the frame to be about 6 inches long at 300 DPI. (for printed pages)
The original tube is 500 x 164. So I open an image 1500x the height of the image 164
This infomation is at the bottom of the psp window in this right hand corner.

Fill this new image with the tube pattern.

Now we have a long seamless image. Close the orginal. Don't save the changes.

I use psp8 but this will work with 9 and 10.
Click on the eraser tool then the preset window at the top.
Pick the slant brush shown below.
Here it is if you don't have the script. Just unzip and save to your brush folder.
The slant to be long about 300 or so and at a 45 degree rotation..
As shown below.

Place the slant brush so it's in the very corner of the border as shown.
Hold the button down and swipe up, as shown.

Mirror the image, and swipe again.

That will leave you with mitered corners.

Duplicate the layer

and turn it 90 degrees.

line up the corners.

duplicate the layer - turn it again 90 degrees- line up the other corner

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