Font Tricks and Tips

Open the layout size you are using. The printable size shown.

Add some text. I like using a big font. This is Broadway. Size the text as you want it to be.

Click on Convert to Raster. If you would like your worktop to look like mine.
Download and save this file to your my documents/psp files/workspace folder.
You will need to restart your browser. Then file/workspace/load/Joys worktop.

Here are the icons you will be using in this tutorial.
Contract -- Invert Selection -- Color Fill and Drop Shadow

Click on the selection tool and surround the letters of your text like this.

Then the marquee (marching ants) will surround the text.

Selections/modify/contract about 30 pixels or 5 for digital size layouts.
Your marquee will shrink the amount of pixels you specify.
Undo and change the number until it gets to look something like my sample.

Add a Layer. Fill the selection with another color.
Then give it a drop shadow like shown. Digital should be offset 1 and blur 2 or 3.

Add a layer. Contract the selection 20 pixels or till yours looks somewhat like mine.


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