Fade a Color
Requested Tutorial

Hi i found your page through links and you seem to know what you are doing so i thought maybe you could help me with one small thing....after i turn my pics into black and white how do i get like a shirt, eye's etc to go back to the original color. i was told to turn them into balck and white and then eraser tool to erase the color?!?!?!? is this right? If so i cant seem to get it to work. I really like that way this looks? Can you help me please and thank you.


Open the image of your choice.

Duplicate the image (Shift-D)
Turn this image into a grayscale image.

Then you MUST increase the color levels to 16 mil.
Image/Increase Color Depth to 16 mil colors.

Copy the grayscale image (CTRL C)
then click on the color image and CTRL L to paste a new layer.
The grayscale ontop of the color image.

Close and don't save the grayscale original.
Notice you have the color image under the grayscale.

Be sure the top layer is active (blue) and erase the areas to get the color.

You can also move the slider bar slightly down to get an over all color muted effect.

I hope this helps!