Pop Top Egg

i am a beginner and I am trying to learn the psp
I have version 9.
I am trying to figure out how to take the top off an egg.
sounds simple enough but I cannot for the life of me figure this out.I think it may have to do with layers...??? but dont know
I would like to be able to break the egg as if it had a lid hinged to the back on maybe a 45 degree angle ...eventually if I can get the hang of this I would like to see if I can get maybe mini eggs or something to come out of the main egg's *head* in an arc...
Is there any way that you could help this beginning granny fathom out this....hopefully for you it is easy and maybe you can help...I sure would appreciate it.
thanks in advance


Below is the egg in psp format. Just click on the image.
Open it in psp.

Click on the lasso icon- drop down the box and pick point to point.
Set the other settings as shown

using the tool, start and make a jagged cut across the egg
then up and around the top of it.

Double click to stop selection. It should look something like this.

Click ON the top of the egg, selecting it as shown.
Right click on the layer palette- floating layer- and Promote to a layer.
Selection/select none

Now the egg bottom and top are on seperate layers.
Click on the deformation tool as shown below.

Roate and move the top of the egg to a 45 degree opening.

Like this. if you want, stop here, merge visible layers and save as a psp file.
If you want to make an animation out of this continue on.

Now duplicate the top egg layer and move it a little closer to the egg.

Repeat the steps


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