Curved Text

Open a large workspace.
For digital I use 900x700 pixels
for printable I use 10x8 inches

Click on the preset shape icon, Open the tool options palette (press F4)
Be sure Create as Vector is checked.

Start in the upper left corner and drag to the bottom right corner.

Click on the text icon and move it to the top center. Notice the rocker icon?
You can click the button when you see this to set the text.

Be sure the alinement is set to center. Add your text. Set your font.
If your making this for a printable layout, click in the size box and set for 150 or so. Then click ok.

You will now have your text on the curve as shown. Open the layer palette (F8)
Click on the plus sign in front of the layer.

Click on the 'eye' of the ellipse to remove it from view.

like this.

Then convert to raster.

There you go.

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