Color Change

Dramatically change the appearance of a graphic by changing color.

Right click to save, then open this image in PSP.

Click on the magic lasso,
open the tool palette,
Freehand, antialias checked.

trace around the hair. 

click on the magic wand, High tolerance (100 or better)
click on the hair, try different spots to get the most coverage.

if there are spots as below, hold the shift button down
and click inside the spots to 'add' them. Note the +in front of the wand

Hold the CTRL to delete areas. - in front of the wand.

Edit: Copy

Edit: Paste as a new layer

Colors:   Colorize

note you are change the color on the 'cutout' layer of the hair.

Move the Hue and Saturation bars to get great effects


I like this one!

You can expand the hair a bit by clicking on the Deformation tool.
Move the bars out and down a pixel or two.

You can use the lasso smart edge to change color too.
See which is easiest for you.

Nice effects with out losing the detail.

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