Clone - Retouch and Selection Tools

You can use these tools to greatly enhance your photos.
I use them on heritage photos that I scrapbook.

Let's take the wrinkles out of this photo.

IOf course it depends where the wrinkles are. Here, pretty easy to clear up.
This is PSP 10. click on the touch up brush. Set as I have here. You can adjust it as needed.
No need to right click. just left click and gently wipe across the photo. It's click and swipe.
I do little areas, stop, check how it looks and continue.

To make it look a little better color wise, try this.
Duplicate the image (shift D) image-grayscale-image- increase color depth- 16 bit color.
Now copy and paste as a layer the grayscale onto the original photo.
Move the opacity level down just till the color looks good to you.
Save as a jpg and your all set!

This photo has my dad (sitting) and his brother. The edge is pretty bad and it needs to be cropped a bit.


I crop the bad edge away.

Then add a 50 pixel border.

Take care to match the original color.

Done! It's that easy!

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