Matched Butterfly Wings

Hello, I have been looking through your tutes and they are great. Thanks for all your hard work that you have put into these.
I was wondering if you could direct me in the right direction as to which tut would help me best for this situation--
I have PSP 8
I need to take a picture of a whole butterfly with a white background and I need to acomplish this --->

dump background

dump the skinny body

dump right side wing set (right top wing and right bottom wing)

seperate left top wing from left bottom wing (which leaves me with two wings. A top and bottom.

Mirror the top and bottom wing to the right so that I have a matching set of two top and two bottom.

This way I have just the wings for craft projects. I have done this in the past but I did not continue to use psp much after that and lost all knowledge that would have been kept if my comp didn't crash and leave me to loose the chance to work with it more. Any help would deaply be appreciated. Thanks bunches for all you do, Leigh

I think we can do this! :)
Right click and save this image.

Open it in psp. Increase the colors to 16 mil.
(Save this file to your My Documents/psp8 files/workspace to make your worktop look like mine.)

Click on the magic wand. The settings I used are below. Click on the white area.

Right click on the layer palette layer. Promote Background to a Layer.

Now cut the white away.

Selections/Select none
There are two ways to remove the right half and the body.
One: Click on the freehand lasso selection tool.and draw around the left part of the butterfly.
Selections/invert the selection. Cut the access away.

Like this


OR Two: use the eraser to erase the unwanted parts.

Either way. This is what you should end up with.

Now use the lasso to select the bottom part of the wings.

Click on the wings while the selection is still around it to select it ( pick it up)

Right click on the layer palette and promote to a layer

Now you have seperate wings each on it's own layer.
You can clone a little aound the edge if you like to make it a little more even.

Right click on each layer in turn.

Duplicate it.

Then mirror both of the duplicated layers.

There you go. You now have seperate wings perfectly matched.
If you don't want to mess with the tut.....
just click on the image below and you will have the wings I made for your own.