Bold Filled Text
Requested Tutorial

Sara wanted a bubble type font filled with candy corn
for a halloween party invitation she was making.
She wrote me and asked how to do it.

This is Scrap Color Me 1 Font. Click to get it.

Or any 'fat' font will work.
Be sure the color palette is set as I have it here
so the font is outlined only.

These are the settings I used.

Enter your text.
Be sure to Convert to Raster when you have the text entered.

Click on the magic wand and then click inside each font.
Hold the Shift button down while clicking inside the fonts.
Or you can click on the tool palette - drop down the box and click on Add.

Like this

Till all are selected.

Selections/modify/expand 1 or 2 pixels.
we want the marquee to be ON the line of text.

Like this. Add a layer.

Click on Layers/Arrange/ Move down
You want your new blank layer to be under the outline font layer.

Open a pattern you want to fill with font with.

Scale as needed. As this is a large image,
I'm going to scale it down to the candy corn looks better.

Like this.

Now fill the words. Then click on the lined text layer and
merge down one layer so the pattern and lined text layer are merged together into one.
Layers/ Merge/ Merge down

Like this

Click on the magic wand and click outside the words so the marquee surrounds the words.
I now add a bevel to the words. You don't have to do this but it looks like glassed in text.
Here are the settings I used.

The lightening tab

( I do the screen shots for the tutorial then I go back and crop and make the tut. I changed this one around a bit so you might notice that the text has no bevel. Just pretend it does :)

Now Selection/Modify/expand selection- you want a nice matte here. I used 15 pixels.
You can adjust your to fit your words and layout.

So now the marquee looks like this.

Add a layer under the font layer like before.
(here layer 3) and fill with a color for the matte.

Add a shadow to the matte if you like.

And if you wish, add a shadow to the text.

Save and your done!