Oval Clear Stones

This script will make the stones for you.
You MUST have eyecandy 4000 installed to use this script!
Save it to your trusted scripts folder.

It will auto open an image.
It will make the oval selection, start eyecandy
and use the correct settings.
All you need to do is click OK as needed.
There will be this cropped button for you
to save as a psp file for later use.

And there will be the other one. This you can continue to work with.
This is the selection that will work with the oval stone you just made.
Save this selection to your Selections folder.

Selections/Load/Load Selection from Disk

Pick the Oval Selection


And it fits perfectly.

Add a layer and drag under the stone.

Add a color.

or a pattern

You can click on the stone layer and colorize it.

Move the slider bars for different effects.

You can even add text to the stone. I usually add the text under the stone.

Here I used a brush to give it some color.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.