Make a Record!

Remember the 45's?

Here's your chance to make one.
The music can be turned off at the bottom.
I don't normally add music to my site but this was appropriate.

Open a New Image with a transparent background
Click on the Preset Shapes/ Filled/Circle

The top color on the color palette should be white.
Make a circle. Duplicate the layer on the layer palette.
Click on the Magic Wand then on circle.

Fill with Black

Click on Image/Deformations.
This is the setting I used.

A larger number makes the center smaller.

Add a layer. Make a circle to cover the center.

You can use the move tool to position it in place.

I picked up an Elvis image by going to  and typing in Elvis.
Right click to save an image.

Open your image, The top bar should be blue for Active.
From the layer palette, drag the layer to the record.

Position in place. Use the deformation tool to resize the image.

Click on layer two- the white center - with the Magic Wand.
You should see the circle outlined as below.

If you do not see the complete circle, make sure the Sample Merged is unchecked.
Selections / Invert. Click on the image layer (here 3)
 and CTRL-X to cut the excess image away.

Selections / Select None. (Not shown here)
Make sure the active layer is the image layer (3)
Clone or Paint the same color to fill out the circle.
If you go over the circle just cut it away as above.

Add your text.

Again I cut away the access.
Merge the visible layers. Add a drop shadow.
I added a music background and a 10 pixel border.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
Please take a look at my others.