Preset Shape Cutouts

I'm trying to figure out how to cutout a photo into a star shape
and for the life of me I just can't figure it out,
was trying to do it using the shape tool but maybe there's a easier way.

I have used psp for tags and such but just now using it to do digital
scrapbooking after scrapbooking with paper and



You were right to use the preset shapes.
Here I'm using PSP 10. And the shapes are in the other versions too.
Open your photo and click on the shape icon - Symmetric shapes

Note the tool palette and click on the star. Make the width about 5.

Add a blank layer to the photo.

Click so there is no under color - only black on top.

Draw out the star and position in place.

Click on the magic wand and outside the star as shown

Click on the photo layer

and cut the excess area away.

Selections- select none
to remove the marquee

And there you go! Merge visible the two layers if you want that black outline.
If not, delete the start layer and save.

Let's add a matte or border to the star.
Click on the magic wand then click outside the star as shown.

Then Invert the Selection

and Expand the Selection

For digital layouts 20 to 30 is fine.
If it's not enough, undo and set the number higher.
Click on the left eye to see the effect before you accept it.

Add a layer. Drag it under the star. Fill with the color you like.

Repeat the steps for a double matte.

Hope this helps!