Background be gone!

Download and save these two filters to your plug in folder.

I used to rubberstamp.
Here are a few of the stamps I have.
Line art works well too!
(there are many more uses
for the filters, this is just one)

Open the layer palette.
Notice the Opacity is grayed out?
It needs to be active. To get it active...

Right click ON the layer palette,
Duplicate the layer....

Then right click and delete the original layer.

Now the Opacity is active.


Click on Images: Plug-in filters: Transparency:
Eliminate White.

This filter removes all the annoying pixels of white.

See how nice these look?
I added a shadow.

They really stand out!

This one has a texture added to the background.




Lets see what YOU can come up with.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial.

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