My Locket.

This tutorial uses blade pro and Animation Shop
But it's Easy!!

For those that just want to jump
in and make the locket. 
I have zipped all the components here.
And a ring to make your own chain.
The locket has the marquee active.

If you use these...Jump to here.

Open a New Image 300x300

Click on the selection tool.
Select Ellipse, Feather 0

Make an oval,
bucket fill the oval with any color.

Use blade pro to make the oval gold.
I used Shiny Gold with this setting.
The radius sets the outside bevel.
Take note of the size.

Click ok.
Go to Selections: Modify: Contract:
I contracted 12. The bevel + 3.


Open a picture. 

Invert the selection so the marquee is as shown.
by clicking on the invert icon, shown below, or
Selections: Invert.

Copy and paste the picture onto the locket as a new layer.
Resize the picture as necessary. 
You want the face part inside the oval.

CTRL X to cut away the access.
Selections, select none.

duplicate layer one
(the base locket)

click/hold drag the copy of layer1
to the top. 

So it looks like this.
(You won't have the marquee, we got rid of that above)

Add a layer.
Add some text.
 This font is called 
I have attached it here.

Add a layer.
Add a drop shadow,

As you see, I changed the words.
but the effect is the same.


X out layer one and two.
the base and the picture.
Merge all other layers into one.

 Add a layer. 
Add the chain and position in place.
X out the top locket.
Merge all other layers.

Now you should have 2 layers.
with the top locket X-out.
Save as a gif.

Un-X the top locket and save as a gif.

Run Animation Shop.

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