Masks as Frames

I have included the Nature Lady graphic
and three masks in a zip file.

Here is the Blade Pre-set

Open Nature Lady
and masks in PSP.

Add a layer to Nature Lady.
Click/Hold and drag the new layer
onto the psp work top, as shown.
We do this so the frame is the exact size
of the Nature Lady graphic.
Then delete the layer from Nature Lady.

Bucket fill
The new blank image with any light color.

Masks: New: From Image

Click on the name of your mask

If needed, Masks: Invert
(so inside area is open.)

Selections: From Mask
to get the marquee.

Masks: Delete
It will ask if you want to merge,
Click  Yes

Open Blade Pro

Pick a pre-set.
I used Shiny Gold

With this setting

It should look like this.

Add a drop shadow. OK
Selections; select none.

Click on Nature Lady.
From the layer palette:
Click on the background layer,
HOLD the button down, and drag it to the frame.
Release the button.

Position the Nature Lady layer under the frame.

Click/HOLD and drag layer 1...
(the Nature Lady Graphic)

to the bottom of the layer palette
under the frame.

(Your frame layer might not say merged
I try different things till I get it the way I show it here)

Here is another mask.

Shiny Gold Preset

Shiny gold preset

neapolitan preset


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