Made Easy!

Open a New Image 400x400
Fill with black and add a layer.

Add a 1pixel dot of white in the center of layer 2


Click on  Eyecandy 4000, Corona

This is the setting I used.
Click on Color to pick the flare color you want.
Experiment with the settings to get different effects.

Click on layer 2, Drag it off the layer palette.
Doing  this removes empty/wasted space.

Picking other colors can make great flares.

Notice the 1 pixel dot in the center?
Zoom in VERY close
Erase the white dot.


Click on the clone brush set to 1 pixel.
Clone the dot with the color of the flare
Save your new flares as tubes.

To make the space look like I did,
Click on layer1.

Use the Universe - star filter to add background stars.

I added more flares to layer 2.

Then I added a planet per the Stars tutorial.

I hope you enjoy this and will take a look at my others.


Here are some flares I did.  

Download the zips here.
(I zipped all the flares I have. Most are mine. Some are not)

Zip 1          Zip 2           Zip 3

To make the 2 tone flares, Add one color flare layer
to another color layer.


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