Page Curl
This is a fun tutorial.

See Diddle hiding?

Here is a zip file with the curl filter, diddle and picture.
Just unzip and save the filter to your plug-in folder in psp.
As always when you install a new filter,
 restart your computer.
Open the picture and diddle.

Click on the girl to make it active
(blue at the top)

Open the layer palette.
Right click on the layer, Duplicate.
Right-Click on the Background layer,
You MUST to this to make this tutorial work.

Doing this makes the Opacity slide area active.

Image: Plug-ins: Graphics Plus:
Page Curl

I used these settings....  OK

(Notice the transparency behind the page curl?
If you had not duplicated and deleted above, this will not work.)

Click on the Diddle to make it active (Blue)
From the layer palette,
Left Click on the layer with your mouse, 
HOLD the left button down,
Drag the layer to the curl area. Release.

Your Diddle is now a layer.

To get the diddle to the background,
From the layer palette, Click-HOLD
layer one, (top layer) and drag it to the bottom.

Like this.

Move the Diddle into place.
(You may have to click on the glasses,
on the layer palette of layer1, to move the Diddle into place.)


Add a layer.
Move this layer to the very bottom.
Flood fill this layer with a solid color.

Let's see what YOU come up with!

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