Color Text

Open a new image 400x400  --  transparent background (as always)

Click on the text Icon and add some text.
If you choose Vector you can size your text to any size you want.
Always have Antialias checked.

Click to change the font. The size. Click on the color box to change the solid color.
The color will be deleted later.
If you have text entered, highlight the text to change any of these options.

When you enter your text and have it sized,
Right click on the layer palette, convert to raster.

Click on the selection tool (dotted box)
surround the text

Click ON the text to select it as shown.
(Note the floating layer)

Right click on the floating selection, Delete.
You will have the outline as below.
Click on the fill tool, and the tool palette
pick the fill style you want. 
Click on the second tab to change the color selections.

This is the sunburst fill. 

( the demo shows different styles of fonts)

Here is a preset for blade pro. It's called Shiny bevel. 
I use it quite a bit. By moving the radius and the height you can get great effects.
Also click on the shape. Experiment!!

This shows the shiny bevel and a drop shadow.
To get rid of the extra space shown 
by the squiggly lines just click the layer (2)
and pull if off onto the worktop.
 This gets rid of wasted space around the image.

These were all done with the shiny bevel preset.