Cut Outs 2
This tutorial deals with Dingbats or 'Dings'

This tutorial is dedicated to 
who opened up a whole new chapter to
my font and psp addiction.
Mmmmmm....Thanks Sparrow!  


I use My Fonts to sort and view  fonts.
I don't install all of the fonts I have into my fonts folder.
Heck, I'd have a system failure for sure with over 2600 fonts!
What I do....
I keep my Dings in a folder that I use with PSP.
I open My Fonts and the folder storing the Dings.

I look through till I see the ding I want.
Then double click it in the folder to open it as shown below.
Open several if you wish. Then close My Fonts
and minimize the open font windows.

Open PSP and a large work area 400x400,
transparent background. Click on the text icon and pick
black and 48 or 72 size.  Note Vector and Antialias is checked.
Note, the fonts are usable without installing them!

Size to fit.

Right click on the layer in the layer palette.
Convert to raster.

Click on the selection tool (Shown) and box in the images.
Click on an image to select them as shown.
Right click on the layer and delete ONLY the floating image.
Now you should have only the marquee outline on a transparent layer.

Apply  the Cutout filter with these settings.
Make SURE the fill with color is unchecked.

Then the drop shadow with these settings.

And you should have something like this.
Merge visible Layers.

At this point you can select each image with the magic wand,
Ctrl C  then  Ctrl V to copy and paste a new image,
and export as a tube. Doing so, will make the
cutout work on most any color background.

Here I added a a background layer
and a few gems for effect.

Again Thanks Sparrow.