Black & White

This is a simple tutorial.
But it can produce dramatic effects.

Open a picture You want to use.
Right click and copy to use this one.

Open the Layer Palette.

Notice above  how the Slide bar is grayed out?
Right click, duplicate,
Right click delete, the original layer.
Now the slide Bar is active.

Click on the Picture anywhere.
Hold the Shift Down, Click D.
This is a shortcut for duplicate.
Make this slide bar active as you did above.

Colors, Grey scale

From the layer palette,
Drag the blue bar of the grayed out picture
onto the color picture. as shown below.

Below you see the Gray
on top of the color.


Zoom in close.
erase what you want off the top layer.

Here are some samples.
You can move the slider bar
to give a picture a little color also.






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