Name Animations

You will need pre-made animation gifs like the one following,
PSP, Animation shop and Blade Pro.  You will also need a working knowledge
of the same as basic steps are not explained here.

Save this gif  (Bell) to use in this tutorial.

Open Bell in Animation shop. 
File / Save frames /  as psp. 

Open PSP.  Open the 4 Bell frames.
Click on the selection tool / tolerance set to 50
zoomed in close. Select the black background
with the wand and cut it away.

Little areas of black are ok as the 
background we are saving it to is black.
So why remove it in the first place?
If we left the back, when you set her on a name you would see the
square black background. Removing it allows the name to be seen. 

Do all 4 frames the same way.
Boy you have sharp eyes!!
Leave the dots in the corner as
a re-aligning guide.

Open an image 300x300
transparent background

To make the A larger.
Set for vector / Antialias.

And stretch it.

add the rest of the name as usual.

Merge all layers.


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