I was asked how to get a banner to look like this
with the angled edges and the grid background.

Download and open this grid.
Open a 468x60 (standard banner size) image and
 fill with the color or gradient of your choice.
Copy and paste the grid layer to your banner. Position in place.

Click on the erase icon. Click to change the shape of the eraser.
Click on the Line left and ok.

I used the grid as a guide. I positioned the line eraser 3 and a half squares up
from the bottom left corner and erased that area down. Now erase the upper
right hand corner in the same manner.

It should look like this.
Click on the magic wand and select a corner.
Hold the shift button down and select the other corner.
Selections / Invert so the marquee is around the banner.

Selections/ Contract / 3 pixels.
INVERT the selection and cut the 3 pixels away.
INVERT the selection again so it is around the banner.

Add a layer under the banner layer. Fill with black for an edge.
It should look like this.
Here is this banner in psp format.

Add any text or whatever you like to the banner.
To get a gradient look to the text, Click on the color palette,
choose the gradient icon and pick the one you want to use.
I had the gradient repeat once.

This shows the text with a eyecandy bevel.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.