Add a Message to an Animation
using Animation Shop in PSP
is SO much fun!

This tutorial will show how to add a stationery image
while the other Image is animated.

Open a  image 300x300
Add a tube that you like. Add a layer

Add some text and position in place where you want it.
Selection/select none
you should have the tube on layer 1 and text one layer 2

Hold the CTRL button down and press D to duplicate the image.
Delete layer 2 of one of the images

And layer 1 of the other.
If we do not do this and say just copy and paste or drag off the image
the size of the total image will be altered and we don't want that.

Save the text image as a PSP file.
Keep track of what folder you save it to so you can open it here in a minute.

File/ Run Animation Shop

In A-Shop, open the psp file you just saved.

Click on Effects/ Insert Image Transition

Pick the effect you want.
You can change the length (I recommend 1 sec when starting)
And the amount of frames (10 there is always one extra)
And click on show preview.


Now you will see the frames that make your animation!

Notice F is what frame that cell is (total 11)
D is duration of that cell 1/10 if a sec

These can be changed here in a bit, to suit you.

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