Alphas are so easy to make!
Dip into your vast storage of fonts and let's use them!
(If you don't have many, go to
type in fonts and start collecting!)

This is super easy to make. Any nice script type font will do. Use one you like.

Open a large workspace. For a printable size - 11x8 inches
for digital - 1024 x 700 pixels. Add your letters.
I do all caps first then lower case if wanted.
Shown size is digital. you can type in any size you want for printable.
I use 150 to 300.

Convert to raster layer if needed.

ADD A LAYER. This way if you make a mistake it's easy to remove.
Here is the bow tube (digital size)
I saved it as a tube. then just click where you want it on the Alphas.

Like this.

Add a shadow to the alpha layer and the bow layer if you like.
Merge the layers. Now click on the selection tool, surround each letter,
copy and paste as a new image - each one -
and save your new alphas as a png or jpg.

Using a star tube

A tiny cat tube

and an airplane tube.
All so quick and very easy!