Two Image Animation

Open or make your two images in psp. They need to be the same size.
Look at the bottom right and you can see the size of your images.

save your images. These have a white background.
So transparency will not be an issue with this animation.
If you are new to animation, I suggest you use a background color
and to make it look nice, make a frame around it.

When saving a jpg. be sure to click on the options tab
to make sure the compression is set to 1.

Open animation shop.

Click on the animation wizard.

These are the settings I use

always transparent even if there is a white back ground.

after you set these once, they will stay till you change them.

This is the one you will change most often.
and I will show you how to change it after testing the animation too.

Find the two files you saved and click on them. Then open

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